Consulting Services

MLT also provides executive consulting services to individuals and organizations seeking to enhance professional skills in the workplace. Areas of focus include: improving work relationships by sharpening effective communication skills, maximizing employee engagement, and honing emotional intelligence; boosting work efficiency through deeper development of time management, organization and scheduling proficiency, as well as appropriate delegation of tasks to peers and subordinates; and helping busy executives to achieve optimal work-life balance via utilization of stress reduction techniques and effective management of personal relationships.

Training and Supervision Services

Dr Faulconbridge and Dr Webb both have extensive experience in providing training and supervision services to mental health professionals and organizations. Our services range from single lecture or full-day workshops to regular one-on-one case consultation meetings. To inquire about our services in these areas, please contact us by clicking here.

Lecture and workshop topics include education about the symptoms and treatment of eating disorders and obesity (behavioral weight management, CBT for binge-eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, night-eating syndrome, anorexia nervosa), the neural basis of eating behavior and weight control, the psychological and physiological sequelae to bariatric surgery, mindfulness-based approaches to manage stress and enhance well-being, and treatments for insomnia, mood and anxiety disorders.