Lucy F. Faulconbridge, PhD
Call: (610) 688-4147
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Main Line Therapy and Psychological Services is excited to provides highly specialized psychotherapy for the treatment of eating disorders and obesity, including anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, night-eating syndrome, body image concerns, and associated symptoms of depression and anxiety. Lucy Faulconbridge PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist who has spent more than a decade helping clients regain control over their eating behaviors and leading fuller, more enriched lives that are no longer dominated by food and weight concerns. Dr. Faulconbridge is conveniently located in downtown Wayne, and draws clients from all over the Main Line including Radnor, St David’s, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, Devon, Malvern, Paoli, Newtown Square and King of Prussia.

Therapy Services Offered:

Eating and Weight-Related Issues:
Anorexia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorder
Body Image Concerns
Bulimia Nervosa
Night Eating Syndrome
Obesity/Weight Loss
Support following Bariatric Surgery


Mood Disorders:
Major Depression

Anxiety Disorders:
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Panic Disorder

Evaluation Services Offered:

Psychological Evaluation for Bariatric Surgery

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