Lucy F. Faulconbridge, PhD
Call: (610) 688-4147


Treatment Approach

Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge provides a type of therapy known as cognitive-behavioral therapy, which focuses on helping the client to identify thoughts and emotions associated with certain behaviors. Through this journey, she enables clients to understand how and why they are responding to situations in the way that they do. Research studies have shown this type of therapy to be very effective at treating a range therapy main line paof psychological problems. Dr. Faulconbridge also incorporates principles of mindfulness and acceptance to be helpful to most clients, enabling them to find inner peace and lead fuller, more enriched lives.

Dr. Faulconbridge typically meets with clients on a one-on-one basis, but she is happy to schedule sessions with concerned partners, parents or other family members together with the client, with the client’s consent.

When clients require help from a multidisciplinary treatment team, Dr. Faulconbridge is accustomed to working with psychiatrists, family physicians, endocrinologists and nutritionists to aid in her clients’ care.

Intensive Treatment

Dr. Faulconbridge usually meets with clients once or twice weekly. For those clients seeking rapid relief, an intensive treatment package is available in which Dr. Faulconbridge meets with clients several times a week for 4-6 weeks. This approach can be helpful for clients pursuing weight loss, or those determined to overcome certain types of eating disorders or anxiety dmain line therapistisorders quickly.

Payment & Insurance

Dr. Faulconbridge accepts cash or check. She is not currently accepting credit cards.

Dr. Faulconbridge is considered an out-of-network provider by insurance companies, who will often reimburse a significant proportion of the session cost, depending on the client’s plan’s mental health benefits. Clients planning to request reimbursement from their insurance company should call their insurance company prior to an appointment, who will inform the client of any referral or authorization requirements. Dr. Faulconbridge provides invoices that have all the necessary information needed by insurance companies. She is not currently considered an in-network provider for any insurance plan.


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